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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The First Blood Moon: The First Warning

What I learned tonight about recent signs of the moon (take it or leave it, I was impressed to share). There were others who saw the really big halo around the moon a couple months back and recognized it for a sign. I saw it too, and felt the same thing. What are the meaning of these things? It was an invitation for something more, something terrestrial, reaching for the terrestrial glory that will be ours if we're faithful, if we truly come unto Him. The lunar eclipses, in contrast, are warnings to repent, warnings before the final blood moon of Revelations that unless we do repent and come unto Him, the coming of the terrestrial world will mean our deaths of body and spirit. This is the first warning.

Many members believe in a "call out" for Zion. They will be sadly disappointed when the destruction's come. If a "prophet" has to call you into Zion than you are not ready. If one person is unprepared for Zion and they try to gather with those who are ready, Zion will fail. Moses tried to lead the people to Zion, they failed. They wanted a leader, He became their idol (idolatry). They had prayed that Moses would speak to God for them (TPJS). No unclean thing can enter into the presence of God.
23 Now this Moses plainly taught to the children of Israel in the wilderness, and sought diligently to sanctify his people that they might behold the face of God; (D&C 84:19-23)
The day of this life is your salvation, is your probation. If that same spirit that departs this life is unclean when you depart, it will remain unclean. The law states 'blessed are the pure in heart [sanctified] for they shall see God". "For it is not possible for a man to do the will of the Father and not know the doctrine.” (Lyman Wright, Conference Report, Apr 1910, pg 29-30). If this eternal glory is not in you when these times come upon us, you will be burned and unable to bear the glory of the eternal world while in the flesh (D&C 76:117-11)

The Lords arm has been extending, his arm is extending a second time. How do I know an opportunity is being offered? For one the signs in the heavens. Two the signs that are on the earth. But for now I just invite you to seek God's Face (always). I invite you to determine if the many things I have written are true or not. The time is coming when the Gentiles (both LDS and non LDS) are going to reject the fulness of the gospel and the Gentiles kingdoms will be trodden under foot and burned to ashes. (3 Nephi 16). All it takes to throw down the kingdoms of the devil is to preach truth. The pure truth.

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  1. This echoes my thoughts too Tyson! Thank you for sharing this and your other posts! - Jules