And, finding there was greater happiness and peace and rest for me, I sought for the blessings of the fathers, and the right whereunto I should be ordained to administer the same (Abraham, vs 2)

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Eve Under Adams Rule

Marriage was, in the beginning, between one man and one woman, and was intended to remain so for the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve, that they may multiply and replenish the earth. (TC 157)
I would like to bring up another point that's been on my mind. Why was "Eve" put under "Adams" rule.

There was another condition required to enable Christ to lawfully redeem the daughters of Eve as well as the sons of Adam. The parable of the creation includes this step to put Eve under Adam’s responsibility. The account explains that Eve (and by extension her daughters) was put under Adam’s rule. Adam was handed responsibility and accountability for Eve. These are the words in the parable: "Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." (See Genesis) Adam was made accountable to “rule” in the fallen world. All the mistakes, mismanagements, failings, wars, and difficulties of mortality are the responsibility of the appointed “ruler.” Adam would not have been accountable for Eve unless she was made subject to his “rule.” Once under Adam’s rule, the redemption of Adam became also the redemption of Eve. Therefore Adam and the sons of Adam, and Eve and the daughters of Eve, were all rescued through Christ’s atonement for mankind. (See TC Glossary Terms "Ruler")

It is my belief that most of our turmoils and problems come from not understanding the character of God and His plan in trying to redeem mankind. There are reasons He does what he does, and by ignoring those symbols all we are doing is forgetting what he was trying to teach us. Misunderstandings lead to assumptions. Assumptions lead to confusion.

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