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Sunday, December 16, 2018

New Scriptures Published: Book of Mormon & Bible

A new edition of the scriptures has been released and is the first time the full work Joseph accomplished, without additions and including hundreds of punctuation changes previously omitted, have been made available in print. This is the first generation to have these scriptures available.

These additions include both the written and oral changes that Joseph saught to include but have been long neglected. They go back to the originals and remove any changes by those who have came afterwards. The Doctrine and covenants (Teachings & Commandments) also includes many revelations that Joseph revealed that has not been included in any other additions before but also removes those revelations that "were claimed" to be from him but have been shown through the Joseph Smith Papers project to come from others who wrote them many decades after his death.

New Testament + Book of Mormon

Doctrine and Covenants + Pearly of Great Price + Modern Revelations given in our day (growing cannon)

Old Testament (Bible) including the entire Joseph Smith translation of that book. Both oral and written changes have been included by Joseph Smith.

Compact Version of the Book of Mormon (New Covenants)

A leather bound is coming soon.

While Joseph Smith was alive, he taught that the restoration would fail if the saints did not have the new translation of the Bible published as part of their scriptures. Joseph said, “God had often sealed up the heavens because of covetousness in the Church. Said the Lord would cut his work short in righteousness and except the church receive the fulness of the Scriptures that they would yet fall.” (3 JS Papers, Documents Vol. 2, p. 85, as in original. The “fullness of the Scriptures” was how Joseph referred to the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible)

The books released were titled New Covenants, Old Covenants, and Teachings & Commandments by a vote of common believers who are seeking to restore that which has been abandoned by all those who claim to follow after Joseph Smith today. His name was told to be known for good and evil. Some of the greatest evils spoken against him come from those, today, who claim to follow him today.

As a new dispensation has begun, an opportunity to receive that which Christ has invited all to receive has been given.

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