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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Heeding Gods Warnings: Dreams - Visions

Joseph once said some revelations are of God, some are of men, and some are of the devil. (See also D&C). One of the ways the Lords warns us is through our dreams. If we ignore our dreams or those warnings we may be ignoring Gods voice or message to us.

Lehi was warned in a dream to obtains the plates.
Behold I have dreamed a dream, in the which the Lord hath commanded me that thou and thy brethren shall return to Jerusalem. (1 Nephi 3:2)
Dreams are often so closely related to visions they are often called the same things.
And it came to pass that while my father tarried in the wilderness he spake unto us, saying: Behold, I have dreamed a dream; or, in other words, I have seen a vision. (1 Nephi 8:2)
Pharaoh was warned in a dream about a coming famine. (Genesis 41:11).
Josephs Last dream of the farm he stated at the end "While they were thus engaged, ​the dream or vision ended."​ (Documentary History of the Church Volume 6: 608-611)

It was through a dream the wise men were warned to not return to Herod. (JST Matthew 3:12). Later it states "the angel of the Lord, appeared to Joseph in a vision ​dream" (vs 13). Joseph Smith changed dream to vision. Again "the angel of the Lord, appeared to Joseph in a vision ​dream" (vs 19) and was told to return to the land of Israel as Herod was dead.

Lehi was warned in a vision/dream to leave Jerusalem. If these dreams/visions were ignored they would have been destroyed with the rest of the people. We would not have the record of the Jews or many other revelations that have come through these means.

When the lord says be still and know that I am he is also asking us to ponder upon the things he has given.Often if not recorded the dreams fade away as if we were never given the message. If such great warnings were given to those who have gone before through dreams we should take heed to the warning given to us. In some ways it was life or death.
When you see a vision &c pray for the interpretation if you get not this, shut it up. [34]—There must be certainty in this matter. An open vision will manifest that which is more important. Lying Spirits are going forth in the Earth. -Words of Joseph Smith 1839 pg-14

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